Help kids learn to respect others and themselves

Children deserve to know they belong, especially in school. One simple yet powerful way to achieve that is giving them art supplies that represent a range of skin tones. That way, they can more accurately reflect themselves in every self portrait or superhero they draw.

Looking to make a difference in the world? The Crayon Project raises funds from people and businesses across the U.S. and donates multicultural art supplies to schools and non-profit organizations in an effort to spread respect for diversity among young children.

A simple process.

An important mission.

1. Educators request care packages by filling out a brief questionnaire.

2. Donors contribute funds to cover the costs of materials and shipping.

3. We fulfill orders and get inclusive art supplies into the hands of young students.

kids reading

“I’m telling everyone I know about this project! It’s wonderful that you all are doing this. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!”
– JEN F.

“Having crayons that match you are a blessing and it shows all children that they fit in. That they belong.”
“I absolutely love this project! Working in diverse schools has been such an incredible opportunity and I’m so happy that this project is making it possible for children to see the world in all colors.”
“Your novel idea will truly make a difference for our children. Thank you for rolling up your sleeves and being part of the change needed!”

“Thank you so much for your generous donation of multicultural crayons. The Crayon Project is providing students all over the country with an incredible gift… the gift of allowing them to create themselves and those they love as they truly are.

These multicultural crayons, markers and pencils represent ALL of my amazing Students!”

~ Karin Henderson, ELL Teacher, Mitchell Elementary School